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Football Manager 2024 (FM24) turn off tutorial

Football manager 2024 (FM24) is a staggeringly vivid reproduction game that gives an inside and out experience of dealing with a football crew. For new players, the game consolidates an informative activity planned to guide them through its mind boggling mechanics and components. Notwithstanding, for prepared chiefs who definitely know the ropes, this instructional exercise can be all the more a prevention as opposed to an assistance. Assuming that you’re hoping to turn off the tutorial in FM24, follow these means:

Step-by-Step Guide to Disable the Tutorial

1. Launch FM24: Open the game from your desktop or through your preferred gaming platform.

2. Navigate to the Primary Menu: When the game has stacked, you’ll end up at the principal menu. This is where you can begin another game, load a saved game, or change different settings.

3. Access Preferences: From the primary menu, search for the ‘Inclinations’ choice. This is ordinarily situated in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it to open the settings menu.

4. Find the Interface Settings: Within the Preferences menu, there are various tabs on the left-hand side. Search for the tab marked ‘Point of interaction’ and snap on it. This is where you can alter your interactivity experience, including switching off the instructional exercise.

5. Disable the Tutorial: Scroll through the Interface settings until you find the option related to tutorials or first-time setup. There should be a checkbox labeled something like “Show Tutorial on Startup” or “Enable In-Game Guides”. Uncheck this box to disable the tutorial.

6. Apply and Save Changes: After unchecking the tutorial option, make sure to apply the changes. There should be an ‘Apply’ button at the bottom of the screen. Click it to save your new settings.

7. Restart the Game: For the changes to take effect, it’s a good idea to restart the game. Close FM24 completely and then reopen it. The tutorial should now be disabled, allowing you to jump straight into managing your team without any interruptions.

Additional Tips

– Customization: While you’re in the Preferences menu, take some time to explore other settings. FM24 allows for a high degree of customization, from graphics and sound to more intricate gameplay tweaks. Adjust these settings to optimize your gaming experience.

– Updates and Patches: Ensure your game is up to date. Sometimes, tutorials can re-enable themselves after major updates or patches. Regularly check for updates and reapply your settings if necessary.

– Save Your Preferences: If you’re playing on multiple devices or planning to reinstall the game, save your preferences file. This can save you time reconfiguring settings every time you play on a different machine or after a fresh install.


Turning off the tutorial in Football Director 2024 is a clear cycle that can significantly improve the experience for experienced players. By following these means, you can rapidly handicap the instructional exercise and jump straight into the essential profundity and fervor that FM24 offers. Whether you’re dealing with a first class club or a lower association dark horse, having full control over your game settings guarantees a smoother and more charming management journey.


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