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Can you Use Ubidots in a Website


We are here to discuss that what is Ubidots in a website. So, let’s explore it in digital world, it is a powerful and user friendly Industrial (Internet of Things) IoT platform that makes us enable to use sensor data into our website. Whether we are building a smart factory, or monitoring the equipment, or analyzing real-time data, Ubidots in a website provides essential tools to streamline our digital transformation journey. Let’s explore how Ubidots we can enhance a website:

Real-Time Insights:

 In fact, Ubidots in a website empower us to derive data decisions by visualizing the sensor data in actual time. With codeless visualizations, smart alerts, scheduled reports, and data analytics, you can maximize efficiency and improve operations.

  • Industry 4.0-Ready:
  • Swiftly connect your machines to Ubidots using HTTP, MQTT connectors, or 60+ IoT integrations. Industry-proven and intuitive tools allow you to unlock actionable insights without lengthy setup times.

Cloud-Based Visualizations:

Enhance your shop floor SCADAs (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) by integrating cloud-based visualizations from Ubidots. Use widgets for advanced condition monitoring, energy management, or smart maintenance.


Turn data into action by triggering custom responses based on machine data. Whether it’s creating maintenance visits through your CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), updating stock levels in your MES (Manufacturing Execution System), or sending alerts via email, voice calls, or SMS, Ubidots seamlessly integrates with your operations. 

User Management and Branding:

Tailor your IoT application to your organization’s needs. Segment devices, machines, and dashboards into user groups with granular permissions—all under your own branding.

Easy Export and Sharing:

Export data in CSV files and share dashboards and widgets by embedding URLs directly into your website’s HTML.


Ubidots serves as your engine for Industrial IoT, supporting applications such as condition monitoring, smart manufacturing, cloud SCADAs, and vibration analysis. Sign up today and accelerate your IoT journey with Ubidots! 

Learn more about Ubidots on their official website1. If you want to share your Ubidots dashboard or widget publicly, follow these steps:

Can you Use Ubidots in a Website
Can you Use Ubidots in a Website
  • Go to the Dashboards list and select the “share” icon.
  • Click the “copy” icon to copy the dashboard’s public URL to the clipboard.
  • Paste the copied URL into a web browser tab to view your shared dashboard.
  • Using Ubidots in Your Website
  1. What Are Ubidots?

Ubidots is a latest technology platform that enables seamless data integration and visualization, designed for developers, businessmen, who desire to control the power of sensor data.

  1. Key Components of Ubidots:

To dive into the essential components:

  • a. Dashboards:

Dashboard of a website allows to display focused data in a format that should be user-friendly. It Creates custom dashboards with different widgets to visualize actual-time information.

  • b. Alerts and Events:

Set up alerts based on specific conditions. For example, receive notifications when a temperature threshold is exceeded. These real time alerts can be delivered via email, SMS, or by other channels.

  • c. Analytics:

Ubidots provides powerful analytics tools for extracting insights from your data. Perform calculations, trend analysis, and more.

  • d. Exporting Data:

Easily export data from Ubidots in CSV format. Use this data for further analysis or reporting.

  • e. Sharing Capabilities:

Share your dashboards and widgets by embedding URLs directly into your website. Visitors can access real-time data without leaving your site.

  1. Integrating Ubidots:

Here’s how you can integrate Ubidots into your website:

  • Sign Up and Create an Account:
  • Visit the Ubidots website and sign up for an account.
  • Set up your organization, devices, and dashboards.
  • Design Your Dashboards:
  • Create customized dashboards to visualize sensor data.
  • Arrange widgets (charts, gauges, maps) to display relevant information.
  • Configure Alerts:
  • Define alert rules based on thresholds (e.g., humidity above 80%).
  • Receive notifications when conditions are met.
  • Embed Widgets in Your Website:
  • Obtain the dashboard or widget URLs from Ubidots.
  • Embed these URLs directly into your website’s HTML.

4.User Permissions and Security:

Manage user access and permissions. Control who can view, edit, or interact with your Ubidots resources.

  1. Use Cases:

Ubidots is versatile and can be used for various applications:

Environmental Monitoring in real time:  It displays real-time weather and environment data on the website.


Smart agriculture website monitors soil moisture, its temperature, and humidity during season. Industrial automation is visualizing machine performance metrics.

Energy Management tracks energy consumption. So, remember that Ubidots simplifies IoT integration, making it accessible even for beginners. Explore their documentation for detailed instructions. Happy building!


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